Mobile device tacking not update location

I have installed HA core on Odroid N2+. As tracking device have install HA companion App on my android phone. All permissions on phone granted. In home Assistant entity show coordination and status home. When i go somewhere and come back my location is not updated in home assistant and in history show always home. I have check all settings again and all looks ok.
What i am doing wrong?

Do you have working remote access configured for HA? Either the Nabu Casa cloud service or your own solution?

I was thinking to do so but one guy called Smart Home Junkie from youtube told that for geo-localization you don’t need cloud.


  1. They don’t know what they’re talking about
  2. You misunderstood what they’re talking about

You don’t need the cloud service, you do need working remote access for location updates to work.

Geolocation is also different to location tracking.