Modbus switch - how to?

Hello, may I ask you for help? I will need to create switch in my modbus.yaml.

In the modbus device manufacturer´s description there is written:
Holding register address: 40102
Format: Word
Data type: Int
Value range: 1 - ON, 2 = OFF, 3 = Stand by

I tried to create switch like this in modbus.yaml:

      - name: akumoderequest
        slave: 1
        address: 101 #because I think 101 means 40102 because me sensor which is 40002 works as address 1
        write_type: holding
        command_on: 1
        command_off: 2
        scan_interval: 5
          input_type: holding
          address: 1
          state_on: 1
          state_off: 0

But it doesn´t work. The verify register I use also as a sensor and runs OK. I used on/off states because I don´t know how to define other states, like “stand by”. But for me is enough to toggle between On and OFF state.
Thank you.

Remove scan_interval.

I really don’t know the difference between read holding or writing holding.

Maybe function is different.

But the verify should match command