Modbus - tcp - random swapped values

I have the following configuration for a modbus device:

- name: modbus_hub
  type: tcp
  port: 502
  # I have tried it with this parameter and without
  # message_wait_milliseconds: 2000
      - name: kwl_aktuelle_luftstufe
        address: 301
        data_type: uint16
      - name: kwl_betriebsart
        address: 302
        data_type: uint16
      - name: kwl_voc
        unit_of_measurement: ppm
        address: 700
        data_type: uint16
      - name: kwl_relative_feuchte
        unit_of_measurement: "%"
        address: 707
        data_type: uint16

At first look it works perfectly. But (in my eyes) completly randomly, the values between the registers are somehow swapped.

Sometimes the entity of e.g. kwl_voc has the value of kwl_betriebsart

Is there any configuration option that i am missing?