Modbus write_register

‘Hi everyone, I have a question. For days I have been trying to write to a register using the “modbus write_register” service only that my number to write is negative, is it possible to write to a specific register with a negative number?’

there are too many bugs in the current version, please wait for the latest version to fix modbus,
I am also waiting for the latest version to reactivate the equipment in my house (I am using outseal PLC - arduino nano hardware with ladder diagrams, so it doesn’t matter much because I can still use the switch as usual)

Thanks, I’m upgrading to version 2021.5.4, but my question was another, that is can you write a negative number using the “write_register” service ??

I’m stuck with the same issue - I found this on github (modbus.write_register · Issue #21371 · home-assistant/core · GitHub)

The feature request exists, but doesn’t seem to be popular. :man_shrugging:

Hello, as far as writing is concerned I understand that in the value you have to put the following digits:
49544 = -17 ° C
49552 = -18 ° C
49616 = -26 ° C
I understood that every 8 numbers equals -1 ° C, the problem is that when I go to write in the register it gives me this error:
“Pymodbus: Exception Response (132, 4, GatewayNoResponse)”
I don’t know how it can be solved.