Modeling KNX "all lights off" group address

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Is there any way of modeling a KNX group address that should receive “switch off” telegrams from Home Assistant? I have read through the documentation without finding anything relevant, but maybe I’m missing something obvious?

I have a group address for turning off all lights that I would like to reuse in Home Assistant, but I haven’t found any way of doing that. Using a normal switch means that there will be a toggle for it, and that doesn’t really work, as 1) there isn’t any actual state associated with the group address 2) I obviously never want to turn all lights on at the same time.

I suppose it would be possible to script it in Home Assistant and manually turn off every single “light” device, but that also means I need to duplicate configuration.

You can use the service knx.send with payload: 0 eg. in a HA Scene.
Or use a Scene in knx.