Modify dependencies to debug or in anticipation of an upcoming change

I’m running in a Virtualbox VM and have made a change to the PyISY dependency to address a problem with REST commands to my ISY failing. I can make the change in-place by SSHing to port 22222, starting a shell in the container, and modifying the file. The change sticks if I do a “docker restart homeassistant” and it works fine, but anything else seems to blow it away and replace PyISY with the released version. There’s a post from 2017 that implies that restarting Home Assistant from the web GUI would leave such changes in place, but that no longer seems to be the case. If it worked, that would probably be enough for me while I try to get the change mainlined. I could make a similar change in the HA component that uses PyISY to work around this, but it’s more cumbersome.

Is there a way to make this more convenient?

From Lovelace “ -> SYSTEM -> Host System [card] -> REBOOT” does not work?

Unfortunately not. That also reverts back to the released version of PyISY. Using “Restart HASS” from the Configurator (what I normally do) or from the Configuration tab also revert. Only “docker restart homeassistant” seems to leave it alone. I’m going to try to patch it in the isy994 component as a custom component in the meantime, just not a very elegant solution.