Moen U shower connected via HomeKit - mostly read only? How to control it

I have a Moen U shower that I have connected via HomeKit. If I turn the shower on via the Moen app or console it shows the current status and temperature in Home Assistant.

There are 4 entities - The main shower on/off (switch), the body jets on/off (switch), Temperature/Status (climate), and current temperature (Sensor).
When I turn on the shower, the switch shows on and the temp/status shows the current on/off status and temperature.

climate.u_by_moen_00d957 (has target temperature and “Operation” (heat/cool, heat, cool, off)

If I turn on the entity switch in HA it doesn’t turn on the shower. However, if the shower is already on, I can turn off the main switch and it pauses the shower but I can’t turn it off.

Any ideas on how I can control this device?
Please let me know what information I can provide that might help

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Heya, @lue42 did you get anywhere?

Back up plan is to use Google home to turn it on - manual button to turn it off - and home kit to report state to turn the light/fan on.