Monitor door state with ratgdo

I’ve just successfully gotten rat ratgdo working with ESPHome and Home Assistant.

I currently have reed switches physically mounted with an automation set and open/closed status as well.

Now that the ratgdo is connected I can see the door’s status, but this is only possible when I am at home and can “visit” the device and see the Web UI.

I have not been able to find a way to show the door’s status outside of this Web UI or looking at states in Developer Tools.

I’ve tried adding the entity but this only adds the control not the status.

My goal is to reduce the number of ESP32 style boards I’m having to use in the garage. I’ve had to dedicate 2 for ratgdo’s for each opener.

Thanks in advance.

Any sensor or switch that show in device webui will be displayed in homeassistant

HAUI >> 3dots upper right >> edit dashboard >> “+ add card” >> select “by entity tab” >> search for device/entity >> check box for device/entity >> continue >> select “add to dashboard”

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Thanks for these directions.

This is essentially what I did. I was trying to add a single entity instead of a new card.

What I missed was I have two different sensors that refer to my door. One is a cover… and the other is a “binary_sensor.presence_sensor…”

When I used the binary sensor entity I got what I expected.