Monitor Status of Self-Hosted Services on LAN?

As I am sure many other are, I am running multiple services on my LAN. Many of them juts run on a local IP at a specific port (i.e. Sonarr, Radarr, etc). I would love to be able to add the online status for each of these to HA somehow. I know that ping does not with on specific ports. Is anyone doing something like this?

This is not quite what you asked but what I do is run an instance of Zabbix independently (on a separate VM) from HA. It can monitor all my devices to make sure they are up, but I also wrote a template which searches for HA entities, and tells me if any HA entities disappear (usually a result of an integration no longer discovering them).

While it’s tempting to try to integrate monitoring into HA, there is an advantage of monitoring HA itself separately, externally, since if HA crashes you will not get any alerts otherwise (well, unless you actually look at the web).

Zabbix also has the advantage of being able to discover new devices (e.g. perhaps unexpected devices) on the LAN(s).

It’s not a turnkey solution at all, it requires a bit of setup and maintenance, so not recommending it as a quick fix for anyone, but it is a far more thorough fix. I use it for clients with huge networks.

You could run nmap to the specific ip/port via a commandline sensor.

Similarly, I used command_line but ended up doing this:

  - platform: command_line
    name: "Sonarr Status"
    command: curl -m 30 -s > /dev/null && echo ON || echo OFF
    scan_interval: 300