Monitor ZigBee ZHA Device RSSI

Since moving to 0.96, ZHA entities are no more. Trying to figure out a way to create a Sensor Template from a ZHA Device Object to monitor RSSI. I’ll use this to monitor RSSI and to easily determine if a ZHA device goes offline, as they occasionally do. Does anyone have an idea how to do this? Or maybe include the “Last Seen” attribute as well?

A Lovelace card from one of the zha devs, it uses the websocket api to grab the info. He has a merged pr for the backend to add availability in as well as that is currently missing.


Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Is there a way to have for example the RSSI and LQI as sensors using for example a template?
On this way I could

  • log it on the influxDB and analyze the rssi info via grafana
  • show on lovelace
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I have the same exact question.

Anybody has any insights on how to achieve this? Until now, I’ve only managed to find out that these are extractable via WebSocket external call to HA API (which is bit a it daunting for such a supposedly simple thing).

Anyone know how to do what they’re asking? Can you graph the RSSI anywhere?