Monitoring for sinking pool

So I want to monitor the changes in a pool level using an accelerometer. By pool level I dont mean the water level but the actual structure level of the pool which is an old concrete septic tank.

We recently had a landslide and the pool is in the ground on a hill, but all the ground slid below the retaining wall exposing one side of the pool.

I want to monitor the pool for any sinking that may be occurring in the meantime with an accelerometer. Is there any software / blueprints / github projects with something like this I can use to do this?


That sucks!

MPU6050 Accelerometer/Gyroscope Sensor — ESPHome and there is at least one other available in

Yea it does suck considering here what we started with and here’s where we are now :frowning:

Thanks! I’ll check this out.

Nice landscaping, I have to say (and I’ll probably jinx it now) Christchurch seems to get the least of the climate-generated weather disasters. Feeling for you.

Yea, really sucks considering how much hard work and time went into it, let alone money.

Yea, it’s does appear that the north island actually usually gets hit the hardest.

Thanks for this, this should work!