Monoprice Amplifier: How to Detect If Amplifier is Turned Off?

Between the Amplifier and the Ethernet > RS232 adapter, there doesn’t seem to be a way to detect whether or not the amplifier itself is powered down.

I currently have my amplifier off, but the integration still sees all 18 media players and reports them as off.

device_tracker reports the rs232 ip device as home, which is expected.

Short of measuring power draw on the actual power cord of the amplifier, is there any creative way to sense whether or not the amplifier is actually on or not?

Not sure I understand your question as the amplifier is never powered off? If you power the amp off manually with it’s power switch, the integration will start throwing errors in the system log as it can no longer get status.

The Monoprice integration only has the concept of “zones” and their state is mapped to the corresponding media_player entity on/off state. The amplifier (or 2 or 3) have no represented state within the integration.

I do in fact power my amp off when not in use with a z-wave controlled plug. I use the source media_player entity to determine if the amp should be on or off. If all the source media players are off, then turn off the amp plug. If any of the source media_player entities are on, then turn on the amp power plug. This has cascading error effects as mentioned above, so I also disable the integration when the amp is turned off and enable the integration when the amp is turned on. This prevents all the errors in the error log.

On the contrary, there may be a time when a 3 year-old finds their way to a button, ;). Or it’s just taken off-line temporarily to stop audio that won’t stop due to a hung app. The integration doesn’t throw any errors from what I can see. If I power down the amp, the only thing that happens is that service calls made to the media players associated with Monoprice don’t respond. There’s no state or attribute updated from which I can create an automation.

So when the amp is off, the media players simply show off.

I ended up connecting the power to a switch that monitors amperage use and just used that as the condition for the automation.

Great! Out of curiosity, what is the current draw when all of the zones are off? I’ve never measured it. Maybe I’m turning it off for nothing.

It measures 0.2A when idle. I haven’t watched to see if it changes when I push music through it.