Mosquitto repeller with ESPHome?


After reading that article I was thinking that ESPHome might be used to build Mosquitto/cat repeller adjusting frequency that is supposed to be around 31Khz for mosquittos for example !
Is it ok to use a PWM output to do that ? and to drive a piezo or a speaker with it ?

Thanks for ideas and advices :wink:


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Sure it’s feasible but don’t waste your time.

All studies “found that there was no difference in the number of mosquitoes that landed on the bare body parts of the human subjects with or without an EMR,” Enayati said. “Hence, these devices do not work in repelling mosquitoes.

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Yeah, and I tried some of the high frequency cat “repellent” apps that are available for android phones. While playing it thru a bluetooth speaker the cat just stared at it questioningly for a few seconds then just ignored it the rest of the time…

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Thanks you too @tom_l and @finity and in fact I made a mistake as my initial goal was as cat repellent and not mosquittos ! I’m not sure android phones are best to test such things on cat considering bandwith of electronic inside designed for human audio and not US no ?
I have read few articles that look to confirm that frequencies around 31kHz should do the trick, what do you think about it ?

I think you will be wasting your time.

Damn hoped it would be the easy solution to get rid of these animals :frowning:

Cat repellents that work:

And for mozzies:

For cats you can try a cucumber, but it did not work with mine.

Disclaimer: I do like cats.


Yep but it’s not what I planned to install and not usable in very large gardens :frowning: Damn no way to get rid of these damn animals easily :rage:

Try a dog :dog:

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