Mosquitto (with Tasmota) not fully working after upgrade

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Hope everyone is well. After a new corrupted SDCard I have done a newly fresh clean installation. Found out that the backup I had was from last September, so the restoring wasn’t as neat as expected. Despite this, all the Tasmota (over MQTT) switches I have around the house came back to work without major issues. So, the Tasmota devices (mainly Sonoff switches and sensors) are ok on their end, I believe.

But… I decided to do a completely clean installation, with no backup file restored or anything alike, and I’ve been working on every integration I have at home - more or less - successfully. With the exception of almost all the Tasmota devices.

Installed Mosquitto following the documentation step-by-step, and after several attempts, I’m only able to “see” a couple of Tasmota sensors… not one switch.

The Mosquito log seems to be ok, but evidently I’m not able to correctly interpret its content.

Any suggestions on what to look for, and where?

Anyone who had Tasmota devices working and had this same issue??

You input would be greatly appreciated!



heem did your MQTT server change IP? I believe you need to reset your device broadcast manually. I forget the code 19 1 or something

You can go to each individual IP to reset them or via tasmoadmin

Thanks! The first thing I discovered was the IP of my RBPi had changed, set it back to its original value. But even though I thought of code 19 - do remember it! - did not use it. Will do this today!

Thanks again. It sure is this!!

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Went home during lunch time, to try this… installed Tasmoadmin, and it sees every tasmota switch I have installed. Reset all of them (some have been online for more than 150 days!), and now I see three different switches on Home Assistant. The rest is just not there!

Any other suggestion I could try???