Most Basic Alarm Panel Card Question

I really sincerely apologise for what I suspect is a very basic question (it must be). However, I have spent hours searching for an answer and failed.

I have a alarm all wired up to sensors and I can see all the wired sensors as entities on the Overview page in the HASS app. However when I add the Alarm Panel Card to a new Lovelace dashboard I am asked for an ‘Entity’. I don’t know what to enter here. I had hoped that the drop-down would have had the Konnected panel in the list, but it’s empty.

Please help.

Many thanks,

You need to define the entity in configuration.yaml - something like:

  - platform: manual
    name: home_away
    code: '1234'
    delay_time: 0
    arming_time: 0

Then the entity alarm_control_panel.home_away will appear in the alarm panel card configuration. You would then set up automations to do stuff when the entity was armed and disarmed. The documentation is (rather obscurely) under Manual.

Many thanks. I had mistakenly assumed that this stuff would be less ‘manual’. I didn’t expect to have to do any coding!

Some things are more manual than others… :roll_eyes: