Motion activated lights based on status Dropdown helper

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I have several lights that I control via HA automations (based on a blueprint).

What I want to achieve is that I can switch different modes / operation states of my apartment via a helper dropdown. So that dropdown has different modes (day, sleeping, etc.).

This dropdown can be changed e.g. by buttons/switches. E.g. when I go to bed I press an Ikea Shortcut button next to my bed and the apartment should go into sleep mode i.e. change the helper dropdown to ‘sleep’. That part is easy and works

What I want now is e.g. that my motion activated lights that i control via an automation, only go to a very dimmed state / red lights vs. to bright that it should switch to during the day.

I can already set different light modes in the automation based on time which is great. But I don’t always go to bed at the same time.

Any idea how I can do this?

Thanks :slight_smile: