Motion Detection Automation - resume original state?

I need the “for idiots” path to do the following, hopefully a pre-published blueprint that I can modify with ease:

I’d like to use my ring doorbell (or even my blink camera) to change the state of an RGBW (Tuya) light bulb when motion is detected. So, motion at my side door (Ring), change fireplace light to red. After motion clears, resume the original state of the light. During the day, the light is off unless foul weather, at night - the light is typically blue.

I think I understand what needs to take place here - motion detected, grab current on/off and color, store it, turn light red … motion clear, turn light back to state previously stored.

Is this possible? Can anyone assist or point me in the “for idiots” direction?


Check this out

The second example is similar to what you want to do.

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