Motion sensor for pets

my cat is used to going around in the garden. I don’t have a cat door so when the weather is good I leave the door open so it can go out and come back freely.
Now, because of the temperature, I can no longer leave the door open.
So I would like to place a motion sensor near the door to be noticed when it wander around.
I tried to use an Aqara motion sensor but it looks to be “pet safe” and cannot recognise the cat is close to it.
I there any sensor I could use?


Dive in to the Fibaro sensors, they are very adjustable. I don’t know for sure, but they may work for you.

Mmmm it looks they are Z-Wave only. I should get an hub too…

usb stick is enough… and Z-vawe is so fine :wink:

I’m thinking either a PIR sensor or ultrasonic sensor hooked up to a Wemos D1 mini and then programmed using ESPHome