Motion Sensor For Under The Bed

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a simple zigbee motion sensor for under the bed. I want to connect this to a zigbee light strip. The motion sensor must have a fast response time (on/off) and be small. (little space under the bed). Which do you recommend?


aqara zigbee vibration sensor

Is this really useful? I have read that the Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor can only register an event once per minute. That seems a bit long to me. In addition, where do you place the sensor?

yes it report only one per minute.sorry

Hunting monsters??

But no kidding…check Ikea Tradfri motion detection…
If the light is also Zigbee you can link them together, so it will bypass the delay caused by HomeAssistant :wink:

Am I right that the Ikea Tradfri motion detection light only switches off automatically after 3 minutes? I think that’s too long. I am looking for a sensor with a faster response time.

I use the Hue one, which is instantaneous.
Mine is still hooked to the Hue bridge, though, but I assume response will be similar in pure zigbee.

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The IkeaTradfri is fast, even faster when linked directly to a zigbee nearby light.

The orignal Tradfri does indeed switch off after 3 minutes, never tried if it still does that when hooked to HA…i don’t have it linked (and i have 5-10s delay)

I do know the Tradfri goes into ‘sleep’ mode for 3 minutes before it will trigger again…which kind of sucks as i wanted to update my timer to keep the light on when motion is detected :thinking: