Motion sensors to turn on an outlet that powers a water pump

Howdy all! I’m trying to find a motion sensor (or rather collection of sensors - 5 sensors in 5 different rooms) that I could get to turn on a zigbee certified smart plug (leaning toward/but not married to the Decora Smart Plug-In Single Outlet, Zigbee Certified at and then turn it off 30 minutes after the last motion is detected. Currently I have a hot water recirculation pump being controlled by a wemo plug set to run each evening from 6PM-10PM. After watching a tutorial I was inspired to explore options for a system that was controlled by motion sensors vs. a set schedule. After receiving advice from several awesome folks online, I’ve been able to resurrect an old hp2000 (currently running Ubuntu 22.04, but planning to install home assistant (NOT supervised) in the near future. On that note, I’m wondering if I can accomplish my goal using HA or if I’m going to need Supervised. Thoughts? :thinking:

As far as equipment, I’m inclined to go with the Sonoff Zigbee 3 Plus (looks like walmart has one for around $20 US), the aforementioned Leviton Decora plug, and the big question mark: motion sensors. One person suggested the SONOFF SNZB-03 ZigBee Motion Sensor ($9.49 from but it seems to be used more for turning on lights. Can it be used to turn on a smart plug if so, which one and how would I find out if it would work with the Decora?). I’ve also hear that the Aqara 1 is good, but it’s also fairly pricey compared to the former and it also requires an Aqara hub? Not averse to paying the extra, but if I can get away with less - why not. Open to suggestions/ideas on equipment/configurations though simple is best in my book. Also, looking to the future, someday it might be nice a system that would support electronic door locks but not the main goal at this point. Many thanks in advance for your help!