MotionEye config/cctv view control suggestion

I’m using MotionEye with HA and mostly the pair work really well together. It’s taken some tweaking to get it almost how I want it, and I have more to do, but basically the system works very well.

In the config interface, however, because the camera view is auto-displayed and reloaded each time the config is updated, it can take a long time to sync the config for all cameras together. Perhaps an option switch could be made available thus:

  1. display config only
  2. display cameras only
  3. display both config and cameras

It is of course possible that this option already exists, and I haven’t found it yet, if so please point me to it and forgive the suggestion. :slight_smile:

If you mean the main MotionEye window, then you’d be better off raising it with them.

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Great idea, done: HA/ME config/streams display options · Issue #372 · hassio-addons/addon-motioneye · GitHub

The add-on is just a container for the motion-eye application, no one who supports the add-on has anything to do with maintaining the application. Unless it’s existing app functionality, that’s somehow prevented from working by the add-on, raising an issue there will not help you.

Add-ons contain applications developed independently from home assistant, with some/all ha configuration done to help people integrate them with ha and each other.

You need to find the motion-eye repo and add your issue there.

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