Motioneye Restore after fresh HA reinstall+partial restore

I have just restored my previous backup on a clean new HA installation. I added all my previous addons before doing the HA restore but did not login to motioneye prior to the restore process.
Most of my stuff in HA is now restored and working as previously but motioneye is “empty” without any cameras. I do have access to all my old files on the old SD card and there is a folder in /data/addons/xxxxx_motioneye where i can see configuration files for my old system. Should I copy these files somewhere on my new installation to restore motioneye or is there a function within motioneye to “restore” or import previous configurations ? I need all the help I can get because I would like to avoid re-configuring all cameras again.

edit: Ok, so I found the backup & restore feature in Motioneye after fresh install. Unfortunately I didnt make a proper backup of my old setup but I have a copy of the whole conf folder structure. Made a backup of my current fresh install and saw that ME does a tar.gz containing the config-folder. But it seems the folder structure within the tar archive has a folder called “.” and my zip/tar program cant support making tar/zip files with folder names containing “.”, so it renames it to “_” and then the “backup-file” is not valid for restoring within ME. Why naming a folder within the zipped backup-file to a dot… thats just strange. Any suggestions either to restore manually or make a manual restore-archive ?