Mounted Tablet Hass Dashboard - Make The Screen Flash Based On Entity State

Hi -
I’m going to mount an old android tablet in the backroom of my basement with all of the mechanical house stuff displayed - Furnace, Water Heater, Energy, Cams, Doors, Etc.

My basement fridge, for which I have a door sensor upon, has a finicky door that the kids don’t always close.

Is anyone aware of how to make the tablet screen flash based on the fridge door being open for some amount of time (120 seconds)? The tablet is going to be in a visual space so anyone walking by the room would see the flash and then (hopefully) know to go in and close the door.


what OS is the tablet going to be running? Home assistant app? Browser? Fully kiosk browser? All of these considerations will have implications for what you can do (although I do not know all of the details of such implications- I just recommend that you elaborate so that others can better help you).

If you use browser_mod, you can often do all sorts of things such as turning “on” the screen (blackout off), playing media, and create popups etc. The design of a popup could be very intrusive, although maybe not flashing.

You can easily get the “flashing” part using CSS if you go the browser_mod pop up route.

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Totally my bad for not giving more details.

I’m running an Android tablet with Lineage OS on it. Hass is running via chrome that I’ll have setup in Kiosk mode.

Loving the hass-browser mod option. Going to give that a run. I’m not fluent in CSS but will give that a look too.

Thank you for the suggestions!

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