Mounting lasers and sensors for a laser fence

I’m working on a laser fence for the front of my garage that will indicate when a car has gone far enough in for the door to close. I’m having trouble thinking of something that will hold a laser diode on one side and a photoresistor on the other, yet be easily adjustable. I’ve thought of bolting a steel plate to the sides of the garage and using magnets epoxied to the devices, but I’m not sure that will hold and adjusting the angles of each might be difficult. Any ideas?

A cheap camera tripod head?

There are some for less than $10 on eBay that should do the job.

A little overkill as I have two lasers and two sensors, and they need to be mounted to the wall. The cheapest tripod heads are more than all the sensors and diodes cost me, together.

Well two scrap metal triangles held together with a bolt in each corner. Fix the back triangle to the wall Adjust the bolts to tilt the front triangle.

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