Moved actions up or down

This used to work, but it seems to be removed with the new UI.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Oh thank god. It’s not just me. I decided I had developed some kind of memory issue and was just mis-remembering that I could move actions in automations from the GUI. I haven’t worked on my automations in awhile, so I can’t tell when that option disappeared. I’m on 2022.10.05.

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Re-order is under the 3dots.
Its a toggle.

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Thanks, that helps.

Why is that not activated all the time? I am clearly not the only one missing this function.

That’s how HA is now.
Everything will be hidden behind three dots.
The dashboard will be hidden too, three dots to make it visible.

And not the three dots you would think (i.e. the ones next to the actual action). It’s the ones at the top. That is exceptionally non-intuitive. I spent 5 minutes checking a dozen different automations trying to figure out why I couldn’t see the reorder option before I realized I needed to check at the top.

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