Moved from HassIO to Synology docker and broken Mqtt sensor

I moved from a Rpi3B to a Synology & Docker running containers and now my homemade Mqtt temp sensor is playing up, has a weird formatting issue

I used to run the Mqtt server from the Hassio plugins and didn’t have to configure much in the sensor.yaml file

All I had was this

- platform: mqtt

I’ve had to install the Mqtt server manually in a container on my Sysnoloy and its receiving data from the temp sensor, which is a good start

When connecting to the sensor console I see this

15:20:57 MQT: bedroom/tele/SENSOR = {"Time":"2019-06-28T15:20:57","DS18B20":{"Temperature":25.2},"BME280":{"Temperature":25.6,"Humidity":51.9,"Pressure":1015.6},"PressureUnit":"hPa","TempUnit":"C"}

All of this information is then received on HA which I assume is also good

When I then add the sensor to Lovelace UI the formatting is wrong

I also had to add some more configuration to my sensor.yaml file because it was wrong

- platform: mqtt state_topic: "bedroom/tele/SENSOR"

Can anyone please help me, spent a few days on this and not sure why doesn’t just work as before

What did it look like before? How many sensors did you have? I’m not sure how this worked for you in the past without you ever setting up each sensor. So with that being said, you need to pull the correct information out of the json and make each sensor. One for each bit of information that you want. There are 100s of examples of this on the forum as well as in the documentation.

Your value_template would be "{{ value_json.Humidity }}" if you wanted humidity.

It looked like this

Alright, use the example I linked with and extract each piece of information out in a series of sensors. Take a look at the value_template I posted and try to piece it together.