Moved Recorder DB to USB stick. History and Logbook no longer find entries

Hassio 101.3 on rPi4 latest Raspbian. All working well.

Moved log and sqlite db to /share/usbstick and symlinked both from /config. Both are actively updated. Developer Tools > Log working properly, but Logbook and History are empty.

Tried removing db symlink and adding “db_url: sqlite:////share/usbstick/home-assistant_v2.db” to recorder config. After restart DB continues to be updated, but logbook & history are empty.

Removed db_url. DB recreated in /config. Logbook and history now work.

So, it seems that logbook and history work only when the DB is physically located in /config.

Can anyone disconfirm this? I hope I’m missing something.

Hi @jaalperin,

it’s old thread I know but did you ever solved the problem? I want to move my recoder database to usbstick.

Sorry, did not resolve, and no longer use Raspberry Pi for HASS.