Moving from Rpi HassIO to HASS in docker

I’m attempting to move my config, as above, but my Lovelace isn’t following.

I’ve copied the config folder contents across but I’m clearly missing something.

What am I missing?

The .storage folder?

what mode were you using before to configure lovelace?

Through the Configure UI option in the top right.

I tried @tom_I suggestion but it didn’t really help, thanks anyway.

I’ve since rebuilt it all manually. A good opportunity for a bit of tidying up!

I’d still be interested to know what the correct way is though.

sorry, i can’t help then. i use yaml mode.

I’m surprised that bringing the entire contents of the .storage folder didn’t work, tho.

One other way might be to open the raw editor in your hassio GUI and just copy the entire contents of that file over and paste it into the raw editor in the new install.

Great idea. I’ll give that ago if I need to do it again.

The move from Rpi is a work in progress and not as straightforward as I expected.