Moving HA from rpi to nuc - setup questions

I’m in the process of setting up a nuc to move my HA to from a rpi3b+ and had a couple of questions.

On the rpi ha is setup as venv. For simplicity I’m setting up the nuc the same way. So I assume I can just copy over my config files from the rpi to the nuc. Is that a same assumption?

On the rpi I had to setup static USB mappings for the husbzb-1 and a couple of usb-serial devices. Reason was so I could use the same usb devices in my configs which mapped to the actual usb device during boot. The devices had a habit of changing after a reboot. So I setup some udev rules.

My nuc is running ubuntu 18.04. Will I need to do the same thing? Can I just copy over my udev rules and maps from the rpi?