Moving HA OS to new hardware. Easy as 1-2-3

I don’t know if this belongs in configuration but guess so because it does deal with configuring home assistant.

I just want to say what an absolute PLEASURE (or at least as much of a pleasure as such a task can be) it was switching the hardware my HA is running on. Much kudos to the dev team.

  • Made a backup on current hardware

  • Shutdown current hardware

  • Restored from backup on new hardware

  • Changed static IP on new hardware

  • Powered down

  • Plugged in wyze, zigbee, zwave hubs

  • Powered up

  • Everything good to go

This was my experience running HA OS on a generic x86-64 at least. Seamless. Thanks again!

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Maybe as a help you would describe the old hardware and the new hardware. Without that I would take such a statement with as “a grain of salt” or YMMV drastically.

Generic x86-64 setup. ODroid N2 —> Lenovo M800

So from a 32 bit processor/Ram to:
Assuming a lot here (No mentioned of dual core or quad core on the ODroid processor)

ODroid N2 ~ $129.00
Arm Processor 1.8 GHz 32 Bit
4 Gig Memory (fully loaded) DDR4 (32 Bit)
Power Supply
No Case

Lenovo M800 (refurbished)
From Amazon for details and pricing of ~$208.00
64 bit Quad processor (i5) @3.2 GHz
16 G of DDR4 RAM memory (totally filled)
3 T Hard drive(s) ?????
With WiFi and Bluetooth (via USB dongelets)
Mouse, Keyboard

Like I said: (YMMV)

Ok, do you just not like that I had a good experience? Did you have a bad experience?

I dont get what your purpose is other than to seemingly low-key criticize. Do you also want me to specify what I ate that morning?

If someone tells me they like their new car I dont say, “well YMMV. I just picked up a Nissan Leaf and it blows.”

I didnt write this is as a how to guide and tell everyone to do the exact thing I did and you wont have any problems, i promise.

I wrote it to just express gratitude of the ease of switching based on, I guess according to you, my specific experience with my specific hardware in my specific region of the world, with my specific power grid, with my home set to a specific temperature, and my cat fed a specific food. Geeze. Move on. Muted.

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