Moving Hassio from Pi3 to VM problem



So I’ve been running Hassio for quite sometime on my Pi3 but after a few SD broke I’m moving all to a virtual machine.

I’m using Virtual Machine Manager from Synology, which I believe it’s just a front-end for Qemu. I’ve successfully created a VM using the VMDK image from Hassio website (

I’ve also successfully restored my Pi3 snapshot into this VM, with exception of a problem:

None of the Add-ons will work. I will just get an error
[FATAL tini (6)] exec /init failed: Exec format error

I’ve search over the forums and internet and it seems this error shows up when the addon platform is incorrect. Something like my snapshot didn’t tell the new system to restore and install “Samba” but for x86 architecture and instead installed the Pi3 one on my VM. Just to clarify, I’m making sure the addons I’m trying to restore are also available on x86 platform (Samba, DuckDNS, Mosquitto Broker, SSH)

Actually if I uninstall and install addons manually they will start working just fine.

Do you know if this is actually a bug? @Frenk I know you created the addons system on Home Assistant so I can’t think on a better person to ask.



Thanks for your reply!

Yes, they’re present because they’re the default ones. If I go to the Add-ons tab I can see them, if that’s what you are asking.


Yeah I had the same issue but it’s not really an issue. Just delete the addon (based on arm) and add the addon again and it will get the proper version. Your config should still be there… It’s not a bug I don’t think.


Umm well if it’s not installing the correct platform addon (assuming that’s the problem) then it’s actually a bug… but yeah, with an easy fix!