Moving to the SONOFF 3.0 USB stick Zigbee2mqtt

I’m trying to move from a Conbee II stick to a flashed SONOFF 3.0 stick.
The thing i’m stuck at is removing the database… i just cannot find it.
I looked at the guide but unable to find that path or even that file when i look in the config and zigbee2mqtt folders.

I am using HA core 2022.3.3 / OS 7.4

Where should i be looking?

Found out the file is hidden, so using elevated SSH fixed that.
But after following the steps the addon will throw a fit about panid, and if i change that all the devices go missing.

Error: Coordinator failed to start, probably the panID is already in use, try a different panID or channel

Anyone here did a successful coördinator swap?