Movistar Prosegur Integration Capabilities

Hello Community!

I am thinking of moving from Securitas Direct (Verisure Spain) to Movistar Prosegur. However, first I want to be sure that I will have at least the same features with Prosegur Integration than with Securitas’ (HACS) one. Prosegur integration documentation is very short and basic. Can anybody using the Movistar Prosegur alarm advise whether it is possible to do the following?:

  1. Use its HA control panel to fully control the alarm.
  2. Change alarm from either the Prosegur app or the local physical panel, and update the device state in HA automatically with a delay not more than a few seconds.
  3. Get an attribute state to know what key armed/disarrmed the alarm from the local physical panel, so to create different automations for certain users accordingly (this is something which it is not supported by Securitas custom integration, but I know it is something that could be done in the past, and I miss it!).

Your feedback will be appreciated. A snapshot of the Movistar Prosegur entities options and attributes (Developer Tools > States) will definetely help as well. Cheers!