MQTT Auto discovery push button, service?


i want to implemented an integration for FuelCell (Efoy)
the fuel cell is connected via serial to another board, and i’ve made a proxy to mqqt, with autodiscovery.

everything is good, but i would like to know the best way to implement a push button to reset fuel cell cartridge (when cartridge is replaced, i need to reset it insinde efoy to let it knwow there’s a new cartridge).

I could use a binary sensor, but reset has not state, it just a action.
i didn’t find a way to publish a service via mqtt auto discovery. Is it something i’ve missed in documentation?

What will be the best way to do this?



Just use the existing mqtt.publish , with a command that is understood by your Efoy.

Thanks for your fast answer
Yes , i could use that, but it need to edit yaml just for the reset, everything else is discover via mqtt autodiscovery.
I’ll do that if i didn’t find other solutions, but automaticaly add them via autodiscovery is better for my use case.


I would like to integrate efoy too. can you give me some info?