MQTT autodiscovery - remove devices

I configured MQTT to test autodiscovery feature (discovery: true), and I had few devices that i tested with (few NodeMcu).
Now all of those devices appear in my states tab, under entity. I’m not using those devices, it was just for testing purposes…
Now, th question is , how do i delete devices I don’t use that MQTT Auto discovery found?

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Did you find out how to do that ? as these devices don’t even appear in configuration files :frowning:


Nope, only thing that come’s to mind is to reinstall mqtt broker

I did a few things to get rid of auto-discovered MQTT devices.

  1. Stopped HomeAssistant
  2. Used MQTT client (Zanzito Android app) to delete the messages on the MQTT server
  3. Deleted all records in the states table that have matching entity_id.
  4. Started HomeAssistant

No easier and simplest solution ?