MQTT Configuration for text state sensor?

I have a device I’m integrating that has essentially a read-only select field. It is a text value with a specific set of enumerated values.

I’m currently just publishing a sensor with no device_type:

    - '0001000XXXXX'
  manufacturer: Generac
  model: PWRcell X7602 Inverter
  name: PWRcell X7602 Inverter
  sw_version: '1002_13590'
expires_after: 14400
name: 'PWRcell X7602 Inverter: Operating State'
state_class: measurement
state_topic: homeassistant/sensor/pwrcell_inverter/inverter_state/state
unique_id: pwrcell_inverter_inverter_state
platform: mqtt

But I don’t seem to get any useful history in the UI with this config.

Is there a recommended MQTT sensor config for a text enum?

Figured it out, I shouldn’t be setting state_class for a text sensor. Removing state_class: measurement from the MQTT discovery config gets me a text history bar in the UI