MQTT: From Homey to HA: Home Assistant Discovery doesn't work, but a custom protocol doesn't either

@iAmRenzo Wait, stop, relax!

I’m the developer of the Homey MQTT Hub app.
FYI: I don’t use my Homey any more, fully migrated to HA in the meantime.

I do understand your frustration. The Homey MQTT Hub app is used by many people to connect to different platforms (Google Home, OpenHAB, Magic mirrors, Node-Red, etc.), HA is just another candidate. This is also the reason why there are so many settings and configuration options.

Yes I know, it’s confusing and I hear you screaming:

Even giving bad reviews already:

What you’re trying to achieve is level ‘advanced’, and to be honest, many of the heavy lifting is already done for you. But don’t forget it’s extremely experimental (beta) and all is build for free by developers in their spare time (both HA & Homey apps). Also, most but not all HA device types are fully supported. Furthermore both platforms (Homey & HA) evolve and change rapidly.

And for real, you discovered MQTT just two days ago:

So, now let’s investigate your problem: Some of your device states (Homey capability values) are not submitted / updated / available in HA.

Actually I think you were almost there already. If I understand correctly, all your Homey devices are automatically discovered by HA? So probably there is a small hickup in communication, the first thing to try is: restart the MQTT Client & Hub apps (in this order). Homey has limited resources and sometimes the socket connection between these apps is overloaded.

Some additional info: The Hub contains two communication protocols: Homie & HA Discovery. Forget Homie, Home Assistant has not implemented the Homie Convention and therefore will not work out of the box.

Most info can be found here:


You can appreciate how difficult it becomes for someone to provide you with assistance when the reported information is incorrect.

In this screenshot:

it is missing important information. Perhaps it is actually present but your screenshot cropped it out. The structure of a discovery topic is like this:




Is that what you are actually seeing in MQTT Explorer’s list?