MQTT HMI dashboard with ethernet

Hy, I am just wondering how would be the best way to create a MQTT HMI dashboard using nextion screens. I would need to use ethernet and was thinking to use the ESP32-POE-ISO from Olimex if possible. Or would any other way be a better way?

it is meant for home use would show sensors, possibility to set temp and switches

Thank you

Are you determined to use nextion? They are supported in esphome.

There are other options that are probably better than nextion.

not determined but ethernet is a must. openhasp does not support any screens with ethernet as of now. i cant do soldering because its gonna be more than 50 hmi’s…

i chose nextion because of esphome.

what would be the better choices?

Yeah the wired Ethernet complicates it. Not many pre-made display devices have Ethernet. I had been thinking of devices like

You should be aware before going further that there is a custom esphome component for LVGL now. LVGL Graphics — ESPHome

The other thing is that you’ll need to solder your nextion anyway.

if this thing would have ethernet i would be all over it…

i know but the nextion displays already have a connector so basically you just lock the pins in with hot glue you dont need to solder on pads… again its 50 hmi screens i really dont like the idea of wifi

i am aware of lvgl and it is really nice but sadly cant find a esp32 mcu with ethernet…

am i thinking correctly that i can use a esp32-poe-iso which will power the nextion screen and i will be able to use ethernet and program the esp32-poe-iso for mqtt use? is this the best option in my case?

i just need to set the temp and have a few light switches

esphome takes care of the mqtt connection so all i have to do is program the screens

That should all work over poe. (But so would any other screen.)

MQTT or the API would work.

thank you for confirming that i am taking the right path. i will connect it over poe but first i need to test how hot everything gets compared to the 5v power supply.

have to say this is an awesome place and taking customers away from big brother is the way…

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