MQTT HVAC Target Topic

In my scenario, i have OEM vendor thermostats which the climate setpoint may be changed from - in addition to Home Assistant.

If the setpoint has been changed from another device, the Home Assistant’s MQTT HVAC setpoint doesn’t update to reflect. Similarly, the initial value is static rather than dynamic from the MQTT topic.

Is it possible to have dynamic initial value?
Would it be a feature request or workaround for MQTT topic setpoint?

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I’m not sure I follow your question… are you referring to temperature_state_topic? and it’s value temperature_state_template?

My current dashboard has current temperature from MQTT (Setpoint is initial):

This is what’s available in the MQTT topic for Setpoint (showing different value):
Screenshot 2023-09-11 154338

Climate configuration:

is it possible to have something like:
initial: {{ states('sensor.downstairs_setpoint') }}

According to the documentation, the initial option supports a float value, not a template.

The documentation also doesn’t support a topic for Setpoint,
I think it would be a feature request

I.e. it’s already supported.


For my MQTT-based thermostat, I use temperature_state_topic to set the value of the temperature attribute which is the thermostat’s target (setpoint) temperature.


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Well, I did mention those here, which is why I’ve been so confused with the questioning

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