MQTT integration brings up a generic type for entities (like lamps)

Hello everyone,

After configuring for the nth time my Home Assistant setup with Zigbee2MQTT, I have this time a strange error.
In fact, my entities come up well in Home Assistant, but they seem to be of a generic type, even though the manufacturers and models come up well and are perfectly functional in Zigbee2MQTT. In fact, entities (such as connected lamps and sockets) don’t report on/off as an action or their status, but they do report specific behaviors such as effects or power-on behavior, and none of them is “recognized” correctly (as a lamp or a socket, for example).
Knowing that everything is perfectly traceable in Zigbee2MQTT.
Do you have any ideas?

Your image from Z2M actually shows it’s not exposing brightness as it’s greyed out. I’d expect this to only appear as a switch best case scenario.

The brightness is correctly exposed. The gray color is just because I’d just set up it and never used it. But as you can see below, it’s working fine.

What version of HA, and what version of Zigbee2MQTT ?

Also, what does your MQTT discovery topics show for that device?

The last one for the both. The setup is complete fresh.
Capture d’écran 2023-09-14 à 15.47.22
Capture d’écran 2023-09-14 à 15.48.01

For Home Assistant users: due to MQTT device name is equal to entity name in your config error in Home Assistant 2023.8 #18445 at least Home Assistant 2023.8.0 is required.

Not sure of what you expect but here is what I found in MQTT debug page in HA:

Received 15:35:34
QoS: 0
Payload: brightness: 141
linkquality: 87
power_on_behavior: toggle
state: 'OFF'
  installed_version: 16786696
  latest_version: 16786696
  state: idle
update_available: null

That’s not the discovery topic for the device in question. I can guide you to it but you’ll need to show me a screenshot of your topics. You can use MQTT explorer.

Looks like @francisp found your issue anyways.

You’re right ! A too fast copy/past in my docker-compose.
I’d updated and everything seems OK.
Thank you.