MQTT newb and need a little help

I am trying to get a remote hassbian install on a Raspberry pi with a DHT sensor to send the sensor to my server running HASSIO. I’d eventually like to send more then just a sensor, but for now that’s my objective.

I’ve read up on MQTT statestream, but for the life of me cannot googlefu my way out of this.

So far:
I have this on the hassbian install:
port: 1883
client_id: sensor
keepalive: 60


base_topic: homeassistant
publish_attributes: true
publish_timestamps: true

I’ve also setup the mqtt integration running on the HASSIO server.

The sensor I want to share is “sensor.dht_sensor_temperature”.

For the HASSIO install:
I’ve installed the MQTT broker addon, and now I’m a bit lost. The article I was reading seemed to imply MQTT would automatically discover, and the integration says 0 devices.

How can I tell if it’s reading from the pi? What do I add to the config to the hassio install to display the sensor? I think it’s something like

platform = mqtt
And I’m lost

Thank you very much for the help. If theres an easier way to do this, please advise.

First of all try and format your code so it’s easier to catch typos:

For your integration to work,you need both HAs to connect to the same MQTT server (only make sure they don’t use the same client_id)
A good tool to use is mqtt.fx so you can see what is coming up on your MQTT network.