Mqtt rgbw - 3 topic to define the color instead one :(

I have to control an RGBW stripe connected via mqtt… but…
This device use 5 different topics to control it.
one for brightness, one for white, and 3 more for RGB.
The problem is that the mqtt light expect an rgb command topic and not different topic for each channel.

How can I solve?

Just for info, the devie is a fibaro rgbw zwave controller (v1), connected to a zipato zipabox as main controller. Unfortunately that fibaro is not fully recognized by zwaveJS (with aeotec zstick) and MQTT is the only actual solution to integrate it in home assistant.

There’s an issue with both generations of the Fibaro RGBW controllers (441 and 442). ZWaveJS does not support them properly. They worked perfectly well in the original (now deprecated) Zwave and OpenZWave Beta integrations.

The issue has been raised in Github a couple of times, but both seem to have been closed without the issue being resolved. I suspect it has fallen between the cracks…

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