MQTT Vaccum vs. Template Vaccum

I’m trying to build a vacuum, which base is a MQTT device. But I’m struggling with all the three options. Currently, no options fits and I hope, you can share some insights and ideas.

MQTT Legacy Configuration here

Is there any possibility to have more than one command_topic? For my mower (Husqvarna via Robonect module), start/stop are on one topic, e.g. /control, but others (back to docking station) are on a subtopic /control/mode.

Currently, this MQTT Legacy Configuration brings (as far as I see the most options and features for me, compared to the other ones below. The least flexible seems to be the new MQTT Vacuum State Configuration, which seems to require having all on source side.

MQTT Vacuum State Configuration here

How to assign battery level and charging state in this method? Same for error? As I have no dedicated state_topic. The legacy method to use different topics, etc. was/is for me much more flexible.

And same question regarding two command_topics as above in the legacy method.

Template Vacuum here

How to set charging state? Or is there only Battery level possible?