Multi-Line Push-Notifications

I’ve got a question regarding push notifications: I try to send multiline push notifications to ios or android. Example:

- alias: Corona Report Tobias
  initial_state: True
    - at: '21:30:00'
      platform: time
    - service: notify.mobile_app_tobias
        message: >
          😷 CORONA REPORT ({{ now().strftime("%d.%m.%Y") }}): 😷
          BestΓ€tigte FΓ€lle: ...... {{ states('sensor.germany_coronavirus_confirmed') }}
          Aktuell infiziert: ....... {{ states('sensor.germany_coronavirus_current') }}
          Geheilte FΓ€lle: ......... {{ states('sensor.germany_coronavirus_recovered') }}
          TodesfΓ€lle: .............. {{ states('sensor.germany_coronavirus_deaths') }}

If the notification length doesn’t fit to the push window on the phone the message text is not displayed completely. If I click on the push notification it just opens homeassistant and automatically dismisses the notification. Is there a way to open the notification itself by clicking on it on the phone or have a button on the notification to dismiss it?

Thanks a lot!