Multi sensor 6 & and slim multi sensor data problems

got the multisensor 6 link
it was successfully paired, but the data from motion sensor is unclear - how do i use it it seems defected
also have a multislim sensor link and there all the data seems defected
any advice?

Did you go into the config and change the reporting? By default they are set to 3600 seconds. You may also want to look at the reporting groups.

What do you mean how do you use? Everything looks normal in your screenshots. What are you trying to do and what is happening or not happening unexpectedly?

Also, make sure you set the Motion Sensor Report parameter in the zwave config to Binary Sensor.

thx, change indeed to 10 sec
what do you mean “reporting group”?

and any advice at the other sensor?

ok, thx changed to binary sensor cc report
any other configurations I have to change ?
(or how do I upload here all configuration I have at the moment? uploading several screens, any faster way?

That setting is the only one that “needs” to be changed. The rest are personal preference/requirements.

I still don’t understand what the problem you are having is. What is not working properly? Is the sensor detecting motion? All the other entities appear to be reporting normal values.

yes the motion - It doesn’t seem to react to any motion

and in the slim multi sensor nothing seems correct I’m not in -40c :slight_smile:

Did it start working after you changed to binary? You don’t see ANY changes in the sensor value at all? Powered by battery or USB? Have you turned it off/on again? Have you restarted HA? Have you turned up the sensitivity? For testing you can set the timeout really low also.


The slim I can’t really help you with, I don’t have one. Try pulling the power source and restarting it device. You can also try excluding then reinstalling it, but you don’t seem to have a pairing issue.

I set my PIR sensor timeout to 20 seconds, and reporting to 30 seconds for all 3 groups.

yes, tried all, no action

those are my parameters:

Forget about automations until you can figure out if the sensor is actually working or not.

The three parameters I mentioned are the only ones that really affect the motion sensor. The rest deal with the temperature, humidity etc.

Make sure the LED is enabled in the zwave config. The LED will turn on for a second when motion is first detected, but it will not go on again until the motion timeout has completed. Set that to 10 (lowest value) for testing. You should be able to see that led go on and off every 10 seconds it detects motion.

Do you see the LED going on and off with motion? Once you have the LED going on and off, go to your Z-Wave config and look at the motion sensor. Does it go from cleared to detected with the LED light?

ok, where do I enable the led?

Z-Wave Config. Down near the bottom somewhere.

can’t find it, no “led” parameter

Paramter 81


But even without the LED the motion sensor will work. The LED is just visual confirmation.

You need to answer these questions…

Did you set the motion timeout parameter to 10 seconds (for testing)?


Did you turn the sensitivity up?


Because in your screen shot you have not


. As a matter of fact your sensitivity is set to 0 which is probably your issue.

Once you have done that…

Is the sensor state going from Clear to Detected?

thx I have no parameter no. 81
motion sensivity is PIR Sensitivity ?

What firmware are you using?


PIR = passive infrared sensor

Yes. Are you clicking the arrows in the message to expand the details in my reply? There is a screenshot there showing you exactly what parameter I am talking about and what it should be set to.

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In your screenshot it’s parameter 4. You have it a 0, change to 5 which is the max.

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