Multiline element in card

Hi all,

is there a way to have a multiline message displayed in a card and have it updated periodically? (some sort of stateless component)
(e.g. list the buses with their departure times from the next 20 mins at your closest bus stop. And this updated every 5 mins)

Unfortunately the command_line sensor doesn’t display multiline messages.

This is a pain to do currently. Your better off creating 5 template sensors that grab the departure times for the closest bus stop. The template sensor would list all the times separated by commas.

Might have to create 2 sensors per closest bus stop. 1 for the bus stop name, 1 for the times.

Just use ""s around your values for the template sensors, that will treat the sensor as a string and you can use up to 250 characters per sensor value.

thanks for the info. I’d rather wrote a specific custom state card for this:

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Wish I had a use for this, no pub transportation here. Looks handy.

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