Multiple GB uploaded per day from home assistant!

According to my router, my home assistant system seems to be uploading about 3GB of data a day to somewhere. That seems very unexpected to me, and I’m worried there is malware or something like that. Is there a good way for me to track down what is causing this?

Speedtest integration installed ?

Good suggestion as a possible cause, but no, I haven’t installed that one

Are you using one of the backup functions such as backing up to Google Drive?


Google Drive backup add-on maybe?

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I do have that installed. I’ll try disabling it for a few days to see if it drops. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

That will upload your backup to Google Drive every time a backup is scheduled.
So with a daily backup schedule and backups of 3GB that would explain it.

You can check both in the GUI of the add-on

Thanks. I checked the backups and a full backup is 3GB. Problem solved! Thanks all.

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