Multiple Hue bridges in 0.104

Hi all,

I just upgraded to Home Assistant 0.104 which is breaking multiple integrations for me. One of them is Hue. I use 3 Hue bridges in my house. This is my config:


hue: !include hue.yaml


  - host:
    filename: phue-0017884a8678.conf
  - host:
    filename: phue-00178841cad1.conf
  - host:
    filename: phue-00178822cbe3.conf

This has been working fine for a few years, but now i’m getting this error:

2020-01-16 15:14:41 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.config] Invalid config for [hue]: [filename] is an invalid option for [hue]. Check: hue->hue->bridges->0->filename. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 23). Please check the docs at

When i look at the Hue docs, this is valid config. This looks like its a bug.

I hope anyone can confirm this or help me out.

Ran into this also, as I have a remote Hue hub over vpn. Found info here .

TLDR: "Those file names haven’t been used in over a year. Hue has been on config entries. Should have been noted as a breaking change. You can fix it by just removing the filename from the config. "

Docs need updating.

You are right! This is the fix!

Thanks a lot!

The docs need updating indeed.