Multiple Hue Bridges, scenes don't work


I have two Hue bridges, Downstairs and Upstairs.
With one bridge everything works just fine, automations to call scenes on the Hue brodge work with no issues.
I add a second bridge and everything works fine on that too, scenes and automations work just as expected.
Then I go back to the Downstairs Hue,k everything works except scenes. Automations to call scenes on the Hue bridge do nothing and in the logs I see errors like these:

Unable to find group Kitchen
3:24 PM components/hue/ (WARNING)

So I repair Downstairs with the Hue bridge by pushing the button etc. and great, automations/scenes work again. Then I go back upstairs and scenes have stopped. So I repair upstairs and scenes work again but when I go back downstairs, yup, scenes have stopped and so on and so on.

So why is the Hue integration only able to control scenes on one Hue bridge at a time?
What can I do to fix this so scenes work on both Hues without having to keep re-pairing?


edit: I meant to include that I’m using the Discovery component for detecting and configuring the Hue bridges.

seams like you can run into alot of issues if your scenes are not setup properly. I’d verify that you don’t have overlapping scenes in the 2 bridges.

this is a known not-supported feature… and a feature request has been filed long time ago. Last time I read about that, I seem to recall a PR was in the works, but I might be way off here.
Check the GitHub for issues and PR on multiple bridges.

Sorry for the stupid question but what’s a PR?

no such thing as a stupid question. A PR is a Pull request, in which people suggest new code to replace existing code.

see Support for scenes over multiple hue bridges by alistairg · Pull Request #19997 · home-assistant/core · GitHub for the relevant entry I referred to.

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Ah, thanks for that :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye on the GitHub end to see if there are any updates.