Multiple Lights and Switches - a Template, Script, Automation, Light Group or Group?!

Hi there,

I’ve moved over to HA (Docker on NUC) from Fibaro and been delighted with the progress so far. I’ve around 100 zWave devices, mainly a mixture of Fibaro switch2 and Dimmer2 modules. These are all working great. I’m now working on migrating automations. I’ve setup and configured NodeRed.

I’ve a bunch of automations I want to move over. Many of them call the same set of Entities - for example “Turn off All Downstairs lights”. In NodeRed I want to avoid calling individual Entities, and would rather call a Group, allowing me to add/remove Entities from the Group once, and not have to change many NodRed flows.

My Group could contain both Lights and Switch entities. Does that mean I need a Group or Light Group in HA? I’ve tried configuring this and I think I’m getting confused - my focus ic creating something (an Entity) I can trigger, not necessarily a view in LoveLace.

Any chance someone can steer me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

Light groups are for light entities only. If you have switches and lights use the plain old vanilla group.

You can turn switches into lights though, see: